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10 Apps for Creating Effective Screenshots for App Store/Google Play

In this post we recommend the best tools to create screenshots for apps on the basis of article 10 Tools to Easily Create Amazing Mobile App Screenshots like a Pro blog of The Tool.

On several occasions we have talked in the blog on how to design screenshots for our app to help us get more downloads, as they have a great impact on the conversion ratios as part of the ASO (App Store Optimization). For this reason, today we want to recommend you the best tools to design screenshots of your app that you can use in the tabs in App Store and Google Play.

Why are the screenshots of the apps?

To find the answer, you only need to see the main sources of discovery of an app:

As we know from Apple, the search plays a big role for users to discover new applications, since the 65% of App Store downloads come from searches. After performing a search on a particular need, the user will find a wide variety of apps and here is when the user decides that app installed. At that time, plays a decisive role the visual part of the tab of your app from the icon to the screenshots.

Screenshots of mobile applications represent almost two thirds of the space from the list of applications in the search results from the App Store. It is definitely the most visible element for users, especially in the App Store, where the screen captures are visible without opening the download page of the application. Experts in A/B Testing How Split metrics have revealed that the screenshots optimized can increase a 30 per cent increase in the number of downloads of an app.

10 Apps to create the best Screenshots for your Next Upcoming Apps Store/Google Play

Screenshots of our app are a selling tool, a call of attention to the user in front of the competitors to install our app. But how do we design screenshots attractive?

We have selected the best tools to create optimal screenshots for apps. We recommend you to try them all and stay with the one that best fits your needs.

1. App Launchpad

AppLaunchpad allows you to design screenshots with templates for iOS and Android. You can create screenshots customizing funds, fonts, colors, and export them to different sizes for App Store and Google Play.

There is a free plan to try it out and a plan of $25/month or $99/year Pro, which consists of a single payment which unlocks styles of devices, premium templates, upload your own background image, and other premium features.

2. App Screenshot Maker

App Screenshot Maker App Institute is a free tool that allows you to design screenshots quickly. The tool is very easy to use and allows you to customize colors, backgrounds, and also export the screenshots for iOS and Android.

3. Launchkit

Launchkit Screenshot Builder is a great editor to design custom screenshots for apps and allows you to export high-resolution images with specific requirements for Android and iOS devices. You can design screenshots to App Store and Google Play Store at the same time, and even create the images for tablet devices.

4. Snapshot by Fastlane

Snapshot is a tool created by Fastlane that automates the process of making screen captures and returns a single web page, where you have an overview of all the screen shots designed, in all languages and in all devices.

Snapshot ensures the resolution of the most common problems in the creation of screenshots as:

Incorrect Scaling with the typography blurred vision.

  • Incorrect use of mockups of devices for various screen sizes.
  • Allows you to create screenshots horizontal, since most of the tools do not allow it.

Automate the process of creating screenshots will save you hours of work of the developers and marketers. In addition will minimize the frustration of having to correct a spelling error or any other details.

5. Appure

Appure is a competitive alternative to the screen-capture tools. Offers a Plus plan that unlocks all of the functions with the possibility of working with 10 different applications by 7.50 € / month.

With appure you can customize designs, fonts, brand names, positions, and many more elements to create unique screen shots for your application. You can also customize the screen shots of the app according to the location in 28 languages.

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6-7. ShotBot & MockuPhone

MockuPhone is a free tool for developers and app marketers, which allows you to create screenshots with mockups for various devices: iPhone, iPad, Android and TV.

To upload screenshots to the App Store there is a tool in the ShotBot MockuPhone package.

8. Placeit

Placeit is another of the options for choosing models and create screenshots adapted to different devices. With a simple drag-and-drop system and a library of thousands of high-resolution models, you can design screen shots with almost all the funding potential and from different angles.

The price is not based on the subscription, but in the high resolution images that you need to download for designing your screenshots: $29 for 9 images and $99 for 31 images.

9. StoreShots

StoreShots offers the possibility of bulk loading and frame the screenshots for different devices: iPhone, iPad and Android. You can customize the layout, backgrounds, fonts and text in different sizes.

You can also export in an automated way to iTunes Connect with the integration with fastLane’s Deliver. Prices vary according to the volume of export: free up to 30, 10 € per 100 exports, 20 € per 250 exports and 50 € you can get a thousand of exports.

10. DaVinci Apps

The last tool that we propose to create screenshots DaVinci is impressive. In DaVinci you will find different templates and colors that you can customize to devices of all kinds and sizes adapted for App Store and Google Play.

You can create your screenshots without much complication and a free way or to subscribe to the Plan Pro for $99/year.

And here our list of the 10 best tools for designing screenshots of your app for the app stores/Google Play.


As you can see, the screenshots are an essential part to get facilities and that is why we need to pay attention to them: they tend to be the first thing that users see when they are faced with a new application (especially in App Store) and its aim is to impact to encourage the download of the app.

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