10 Rings Style for your Marriage

 Although it sounds simply choose wedding bands, not always is, since we know that there are couples looking different from traditional options. To orient yourself a little, today we give you ten interesting styles of wedding bands.

Do you want a cute and different wedding ring? The rings are one of the main protagonists in the marriage ceremony, since they are the symbol that represents being married. Here we give you some options so that you can choose the wedding ring that most represents you as a couple.

Like everything else, fashion in wedding rings has also evolved and varied. Each time we can see different types of color, materials, thicknesses. However, the meaning is always the same and very important: the union in marriage of the couple, which identifies them as married. The fact that the ring is worn on the ring finger is not a coincidence, since as it is read in the classic literature it is the left annular the finger that connects directly with a vein of the heart. Cute, right?

Whether for personal taste, or a family tradition, the rings can vary and not only are the classic hoop-shaped yellow gold rings visible.

Usually, the ring is engraved inside with the name and last name of the couple and the date of marriage, but today there are also different options to record in the alliances , such as the nickname by which they are called or the date they met. or they gave their first kiss.

Anyway, nowadays it’s quite an entertaining and full of style theme looking for wedding rings.

Classic models

Traditional hoop:  For couples who want to opt for the classic and very elegant. This ring has a ring shape, that is, a standard circumference, not flat and not bulky with a flat interior. It is recommended for rings with a thickness of 4mm or less.

Anatomic ring: Similar to the previous one, with some variations like extra metal to make the inside of the ring slightly rounded, which gives it a thicker and curved aspect of 1 to 2 mm in height.

Cenefa: It has a height of 6mm, much more than the classic, but is still within the traditional by the shape of its hoop. The weight and thickness do not vary with respect to the traditional ring.

Unicolor: They have a single type of metal , usually yellow gold or white gold.

Alternative models

Discreet: This is a simple model, but it comes out of the traditional. It is geometric, since the hoop is flat with a height of 3mm. Strictly flat where you look.

Anti stress: Surely you have seen more than one person spinning his ring. These can be of a single tone, different textures or bicolor. It consists of one ring on another so that they can rotate with each other.

Crossed: Two or more hoops that cross each other, usually with grooves and reliefs.

Bicolor: It consists of combining two types of gold color in the ring. For example, an anti-stress ring, with the gold side band and the gold center band. The metals can be white gold, platinum or yellow gold.

With stones: Band with a bright or more than one, usually only women are seen wearing this type of ring. Men use the same model, but without brilliants.

Relatives: These rings have a sentimental value, as they pass from generation to generation. They may have belonged to grandparents or parents, being of any type or model, since what is important is the family value that represents.

We recommend taking into  perfect size of the engagement ring of the bride, so that it looks with the ring and does not become opaque. Also, when choosing the color of metals, it is good to take into account skin tone. For cold skins, silver, white gold or pink are recommended. For warm skins, that are golden.

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