10 Xposed Modules You Should Use Right Away

Android devices are best known for the degree of flexibility in terms of space it provides for customisation. Unlike other Operating Systems Android has bare minimum hindrances to provide its users the ultimate freedom to root the device and customise according to the style they choose. Rooting a device increases the user’s opportunities to customise and gain access to the applications and other areas of the devices which otherwise are restricted. Xposed framework makes the task of designing and formatting the device for customisation a convenient and easy one. It eliminates the struggle one has to go through so as to flash new custom ROMs constantly.

Xposed, through the modules enables the users to alter the functioning method and designing of the device without contacting any APK. In case one wants to revert back to the normal mode the users just have to deactivate the concerned Xposed module. As all the necessary changes are made in memory. And in order to make desired changes all you to do is activate the required module provided by the Xposed framework.

One can get a list of all the Xposed modules on the Xposed Module Repository page. However, deciding the best modules becomes an ardent task. Not only does it take of time and energy searching for the best Xposed modules you would end up being confused upon what to choose. Do not worry because we have got you covered. In this article, we have enlisted and explained ten best Xposed modules one must try.

The Xposed framework is a universal framework that works with the Android version ranging from Android 4.0.3 to Marshmallow devices. Xposed are still not made compatible with the Nougat devices so we will have to for a while to use them on Nougat devices. Follow the guide in this link to install the 

The following are the best Xposed modules one cannot resist but try them immediately:

  1. Gravity Box

It is not astounding to say that Gravity Box is the reason any user would want to use Xposed framework. Gravity Box has remained to be in top five list since it has been made available. It is a comprehensive tool that is compatible with devices of Android version Jellybean to Marshmallow. It is one such module that can touch and alter almost all the parts of the of the Operating System of the mobile. Gravity Box enables the user to make great customisations like launcher tweaks, activating Pie controls, customising hardware key actions, notification toggle keys, power menu tweaks and many others.

So definitely try Gravity Box module to experience your device in an all new way.


These days it is hard for any of us to stay away from mobile phones and devices and hence soon depleting battery is the biggest problem for most us. ANd Greenify is one such module that saves the battery life by preventing high energy consuming background apps from draining the battery. Greenify is able to do so by identifying the high energy consuming apps and putting them on hibernation.  The apps once hibernated are freezed from performing any action until and unless opened by you, the user or by other apps. Though there are many apps in the virtual market which assure battery life Greenify has proven results when used through Xposed framework.

  1. Amplify

Given the intensity of the problem related to battery life Xposed framework offers a good number of modules that help save battery life. The module Amplify works best as a companion to the Greenify. While Greenify mainly focuses on the apps that are running on the background; Amplify work on wake-locks that prevents the devices from entering into deep sleep and thereby drain the battery. With Greenify and Amplify together it can be assured that your device shall have a longer battery life. Use these two modules together so that you no longer have to worry about quick exhaustion of battery.

  1. XPrivacy

Xprivacy is a module that deals with privacy as the name suggests. Privacy is at stake in these times of digital data and cloud computing. Users are often posed with challenges to the security concerns despite granular permission option provided by Marshmallow devices; Xprivacy is thereby created to address these concerns to an extent. This module manages the permissions on your device. It ensures that only required and necessary apps get the permission to internet access and data concerned. It comes handy as great module for privacy as in the current versions all the apps are provided access to the internet and data implicitly.   

Download XPrivacy to address your privacy concerns and to prevent your device from potential vulnerabilities posed by the virtual world.

  1. Awesome Pop-up Video

This app is specially carved out to meet the needs of the Generation Y. This module allows the users to overlay a video on other apps; thereby allowing the users to multitask. The users can now use other apps while watching a video. In the Nougat devices there is a provision of Multi-Window which serves the similar purpose; this module still makes into the top ten list as we are considering devices of upto Marshmallow version.  

So if you are using a device of Marshmallow or below versions do not be upset that there is no Multi-window option because you can always use Awesome Pop-Up Video module.

  1. Zoom for Instagram

This is a go to module for anyone who is addicted to Instagram like most others. This Xposed Module adds the functionality of zooming the pictures right into the official Instagram app Using this app you can zoom into a picture with ease and have look at all the minute details which otherwise are missed.

  1. YouTube Background Playback

Is it even possible for any of us to get through a day without watching at least one video on YouTube. Most users use YouTube to listen to the new albums and covers released by their favourite singers or in general. In such cases the user is often tied to stay on the app and is not allowed to use other apps. Primarily because once another app is opened YouTube no longer plays the video. If you are also one such user who plays music on YouTube and does not want to miss on working on other apps ‘YouTube Background Playback’ is at your rescue. This module allows the users to continue to use YouTube at the background.

  1. Boot Manager

This enables the users in managing the apps that start working at boot itself. You just have to choose the apps which you do not want to start at boot and reboot the phone; the problem is resolved. This module thereby helps in reducing the boot time of your device. So download or activate Boot Manager module to have amazing experience with your device that works faster.

  1. WhatsApp Extensions

WhatsApp Extensions definitely qualifies to be one of the best Xposed modules. If you are user looking for greater customisation with WhatsApp app, you sure will be amazed by this module. The activation of WhatsApp Extensions enables you to add additional features to your WhatsApp like lock individual chats, highlight chats, hide last seen, hide delivery reports, hide read receipts, per contact custom wallpaper and much more.

  1. Android-Nify

This module provides the users with an opportunity to convert the interface of the devices running Android Lollipop or Marshmallow to Nougat. It mimics the whole interface of Nougat like the new recent apps, quick settings, open last app or double press recent button and many more.

Now that you have an idea of the best Xposed modules available; download and use the ones you liked or need to have a new experience with your device. Now next step is to get Extreme Battery Life in your Android Device.


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