20 things you should not do on your honeymoon

20 Things You Should Not Do On Your Honeymoon

When we are about to get married, our little head in love makes us idealize many things and walk a yard of firm ground. During the decision of the destination of the honeymoon for example, love and publicity fill us with expectations on the one hand and, on the other, it makes us forget important aspects to take into account to live that great experience that we have always dreamed of.

If you are looking for enjoyment for both, total disconnection and rest, take note of the list we have armed with those classic mistakes that newlyweds commit and still have time to prevent not to regret.

Expectations are allied to frustration and not to prevent leads directly to lament. That is why today, in order to guarantee a happy honeymoon, we have prepared this list with what you should not do. Attention boyfriends!

1. Be constantly aware of the cell phone

The honeymoon is the first trip with the title of married they do. Therefore, the importance of being dedicated. So, try to disconnect from everything. I refer to social networks and any other means that may disturb your peace of mind.

2. Carry too much luggage

They leave for five days, a week at most, but their suitcases seem to indicate that they will take a sabbatical year. This goes especially for our beloved brides.

3. Believe that everything will be as it is the advertising poster

This usually happens to many newlyweds, imagine that everything will be as wonderful as the triptychs that the travel agency gave them where they hired their honeymoon trip. It is not that these specialized companies wish to deceive them, it is simply that to elaborate these graphic pieces, both photographers and designers put all their art and talent.

4. Go crazy for the tours

The goal of your honeymoon is to have a couple’s time. Do not despair about taking all the exits that could leave you exhausted at the end of the day.

5. Do not carry your travel basics

Repellent, blocker, hat, swimsuit, umbrella / hand umbrella, raincoat and sandals are as important as your sunglasses. Also, do not forget your emergency kit: bandages, alcohol, cotton, digestive mats, for the cold, headache, analgesics are of paramount importance to take care of minor discomforts.

6. Become an expert in birds

You love birds and you go crazy trying to see that species in extinction that the birtwatchers themselves only see once in their lives, but it is not the time, unless your new husband has the same hobby.

7. Take pictures of everything

Immersed in her first romantic honeymoon dinner, just as she is about to kiss him, she spoils the magic with the flash light of her cell phone, trying to take ‘a little picture’ to the plate.

8. Uncontrolled with the buffet

Choking on the delights offered in the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet offered by this paradisiacal hotel -all included- could indigestarlos them and make them look like panzoncitos in their new swimsuits.

9. Drink more than the bill

Beware of dangerous combinations of spirits in free bars.

10. Sleep all day

Surrender to the arms of Morfeo and miss all the dawns in that destination that may not come back much, or ever.

11. Losing their hoops

They are not used to wedding bands and can forget them in lavatories, swimming pools, tables or others. To be pending!

12. Broadcast your honeymoon live

No one will believe that they have time to update their ‘Face’ with all the incidences of their honeymoon live so do not waste your time on that.

13. Receive or make work calls

There is nothing that generates more tension in the couple during their honeymoon than one of them makes or receives prolonged calls and work.

14. Answer messages while he / she goes for drinks

Take advantage of every moment in solitude to move your thumbs with dexterity on the screen of your cell phone and answer messages communicates to your partner that you are not understood / or at all with time.

15. Work while he / she rests

If it is not possible to avoid that while he / she sleeps the other one rises on tiptoe and turns on his laptop to finish his report, it is better to take fewer days of travel or reprogramming.

16. Report to your parents

For more love than you feel for your parents, it is not possible to call them every day to tell them what they had for breakfast or what they plan to do in the afternoon. Leave the suspense and the conversation for when they return from the honeymoon.

17. Jealousy

Men and women of sculptural bodies and smiles drawn will parade through their noses in tiny suits if they chose a paradisiacal destination on the beach. Accept it in the first place, it’s not the time for scenes of jealousy.

18. Build groups

Remember that you are in the middle of your honeymoon and should know how to take prudent distance from other mortals.

19. Unforeseen expenses

Attention to expenses included and not in your honeymoon package, not doing so could leave more than one surprise on your credit cards at closing.

20. Forget that they are on honeymoon

They have traveled together so many times in the past that the most awaited break for all newly married could become one more. Remember that this will be the trip that will most evoke when they are old.

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