3 Reasons Why Every School Should Have a Biometric Attendance System

Biometric attendance and time systems that have become widespread in industries such as workforce management are now quickly becoming more and more useful in the education industry of countries like the Philippines. Philippines’ biometrics systems provide a way to accurately track the attendance of students and solve the inaccuracies and limitations of traditional methods of tracking the attendance of students like card punching or roll-calling.

Attendance is fundamentally an important part of education. It goes without saying that one does not really work without another. Educational organizations need a reliable way of recording the attendance in their school, not just to monitor the poor attendance records of some students, but also so they can be sure who is on-campus in times of emergency.

There is a rising need for biometric attendance tracking systems in educational systems because they are an effective tool to protect the privacies and identities of the students. Aside from being faster, more convenient, and more accurate, here are three reasons why every school should have a biometric attendance system.


Schools today need all the added security they can get. Nowadays, there has been an increase in the risk of people not associated with the school entering and having unrestricted access to students.

A school can create a much more secure and protective environment for their students when they are able to control exactly who goes in and out of their campus. Using biometrics in school can also make sure that the staff and everyone who works at the school is completely transparent about their job history and qualifications.

Using a biometrics system for teachers as well as students could be one way of making sure that the kids are kept safe.


Any concerns about a student taking an examination paper under the name of someone else or sending a sibling or friend to answer the test for them can be completely eliminated if students had to check in to an exam using a biometrics system.

A student would have no choice but to turn up and do the work themselves. This can even help make the college applications of many students a lot more secure because there would be less of a need for investigations or questioning exam processes or procedures.

Data protection

Today, more and more of the data of students are stored online. Unfortunately, many students who are either too young or too distracted often forget their passwords. These students will most likely spend a lot of time trying to remember or recover their passwords.

There is also the risk that someone will figure out their password and sabotage their data. There might also be the chance that someone will steal their examination results which can affect their college applications.

All of the details of the students can remain completely secure and confidential if the school implements a biometric system to log in and out of their computer systems.

Key Takeaway

Educational institutions need to have efficient and cost-effective systems in place in this era of rapid advancements in technology in countries like the Philippines. Biometrics systems provide a solution to streamline student attendance operations and increase security.

Biometric systems provide a convenient way for students to check in and check out. It can bring numerous benefits to school organizations beyond just attendance tracking.



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