5 Best Places and Near by Hotel to Stay in Toronto

5 Best Places and Near by Hotel to Stay in Toronto

Planning a visit to Toronto? Finding the right hotel for your accommodation in Toronto is the first thing you’ll have to plan for while visiting this city. You should be wise in deciding about your accommodation. There are various accommodation options available in this busy city, but you need to choose the one that benefits you the most.

The first choice for most of the visitors could be to stay in a hotel in Toronto. As this vibrant town has its fair share of hotels that’s easy to get around on foot, by public transport or by a taxi. Toronto also has diverse neighborhoods, from the cultural Chinatown district to the attractive Downtown. You can find trendy yet affordable hotels in these places. The city also has an effective and efficient public transport system which lets you stay anywhere in the city with easy access to all important attractions and destinations. Let’s look at the different places of the Toronto city and about the hotels there..

1. Downtown Toronto

Toronto’s Downtown area is a vibrant and lively region with full of high skyscrapers and large shopping streets. This place also owns the pride of having the longest street in the world, the Yonge street. Being considered the most hectic business and financial area in Toronto, this city is also a major attraction for many business tourists.

Hotels in Toronto Downtown

The hotels in Downtown district are generally high and designed with glasses. Most of the hotels offer well-maintained, elegantly designed and comfortable rooms with in-house rooftop restaurants.

2. Chinatown

You can see a lot of Chinese people in Toronto. This has resulted in having neighborhoods that reflect the Chinese culture and tradition. Indeed, Toronto is home to various Asian cultures and you can find cuisines from Asian, Latin American, Chinese to Caribbean flavors. Chinatown is an important example of this. You can find a lot of authentic Asian goods varying from food to dress. These items are being bought from China, Japan, Vietnam and more.

Hotels in Chinatown

This area has hotels, which are designed fashionable, with smooth furnishings and all the modern amenities. Their outside appearance can be deceiving, but these hotels offer a more comfortable and quality suites at an affordable cost.

3. Oakville

Located on the shore of the Lake Ontario, Oakville is an impressive lakeside town in Toronto, which is renowned for its harbors, shopping streets, and some of the best hotels and dining options here. Oakville is also home to three business districts which makes it one of the most visited places in Toronto by business travelers.

Hotels in Oakville

This impressive, vibrant community contains hotels offering deluxe suites and best restaurants. Hotels Oakville are known for their beautiful surroundings and world-class service. Hotels are the important thing that guests love about visiting Oakville. A must-visit destination in Toronto where you can have a great stay that can offer great value for your money.

4. Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario with golden sandy beaches and adventurous water sports is one of the Toronto’s most attractive places. Both the locals and the tourists enjoy the weather here. The place also offers a beautiful surrounding with its soft beaches and wooden walkways. This place also contains skyscrapers and CN Tower looms.

Hotels near the waterfront

Finding a hotel accommodation near Lake Ontario is an easy task. You can find a lot of chain hotels here. You can also choose hotels that are located close to the beaches offering a sea view from your room or suite. They also offer easy access to the beach whenever you wish. You can dive in the beach or bask in the sun and enjoy your stay here.

5. Scarborough

Scarborough is a perfect location if you need a classic natural scenery break. The place contains different sea fauna from all around the world. You can also find a lot of Asian immigrants in this city, which makes the place a landmark for various religions and cultures. You can get various cuisines from Asian restaurants to Northwestern Chinese restaurants here. It is a place for your entire family.

Hotels in Scarborough

Hotels in Scarborough are convenient and comfortable. You can find a lot of popular chain of hotels here, offering a great value for your money.

There are also various other neighborhoods places in Toronto where you can find a suitable hotel accommodation as per your requirement and within your budget. You can also find quality suites near Toronto airport. But it’s not a good idea to stay near the airport unless you have a flight the next morning. Staying in the hotels near the airport will make the transit difficult as they are either expensive or slow. Be wise in choosing the hotel and book early to save more on your booking.


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