5 Most downloaded Android Games

5 Most downloaded Android Games

One of the main reasons why most people buy smartphones is because of their capacity to accommodate the gaming world. When one feels bored, he gets something to divert attention. This way, android gives something more than a communicative device. While some games are good, others may not be as you expect them to be. Whichever the case, they have become popular. You can find most amazing android games from apkxpress.

Different people have different tastes, and the same applies to gaming. Regardless of the case, Below are some of the most downloaded games in the year 2018:-

1. Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Edition

Though the game is more than 10 years old, Grand theft Auto is still fun and addictive as it was since its introduction. Rockstar games gave something to remember. The fact that they also translated the game from PC to something that can be played on a tablet or Smartphone made the game even more popular, thanks to the much advanced and well-designed screen on-screen controls. The entire sandbox mode is something most players loved. If you have a QR code generator, then downloading the game is more than easy.

2. Max Payne Mobile

After the unveiling of Max Payne Mobile on April last year by Rockstar for iOS, every android user new one thing-another upraise in the gaming world. Optimized for the Android gamers, Max Payne Mobile gives the experience of the first title of the franchise with high definition textures, HD graphics, and control options that the player can easily customize. The game is also compatible with USB controllers.

3. Angry birds War HD

If we were to talk about this game, it is obvious that the discussion would take days, weeks, or even months. Most gamers are still discovering new and most fascinating goodies with the game. Angry birds provide more than 120 levels where one enjoys classic gameplay combined with new gaming environments and Star War characters. The player moves from Death Star, Hot planet, Tatooine and Dagobah to receive bonus levels with C3PO and R2D2. This game is impressive. You need to use a QR code generator to do a game back up.

4. Crossfire 

This is a newcomer game in 2018. Going public with name Crossfire, Counter-Terrorism competes with the counter strike. The game has received more than 1M downloads with more than 948 ratings and 3.5 average rating out of 5. It was popular on the Android gaming market in 2018. The best part is that you get to counter terrorism with few different scenarios. In each scenario, you ought to pack weapon and understand the job brief carefully before you complete the task. Memory storage is fair- as it only holds 2.9MB.

5.  Nova 3

If you have not experienced this game, it is one which will make your friends buy android this year. Nova 3 is a good one especially if you test it on a Nexus 7-it will steal your sleep. The game combines Crysis and Halo. A single player will bring 10 levels while using multiplayer mode you get reminiscent Tournament’s greatest day. Beside the gunfights, you also get robot controls, unique powers, and buggies. The graphics are spectacular and delicious, to say the least. Nova 3 is among the best and most popular android games of 2018

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