5 Reason Why You Should Visit Hong Kong

5 Reason Why You Should Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the places where you have a vision of the cultures of the world, new places outside your country, a second foreign language and an expanded social network.
Why should I choose Hong Kong?

1- Culture and Diversity of Life

in Hong Kong for students; dynamic and vibrant urban life, vibrant streets and buildings, most of Australia including China, the USA, Malaysia, New Education and from countries such as New Zealand where cultural diversity creates delicious Asian dishes of your career with unique cuisine and breathtaking views of the island.

If you are thinking about Hong Kong, a noisy urban crowd can be overwhelming for the unknown. With a modern train or bus, you can travel to countries such as China, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand and get information about different cultures.

If you plan to stay in Hong Kong for 3 or 4 years as a student, we recommend a review of cooking, focused on seafood. It is worth noting that the four best restaurants in the world are in the country and are often crowned with Michelin stars. Life in Hong Kong is a little cheaper and easier to live for students. Also sometimes life in Hong Kong can be frantic and high paced giving you a bit of stress, luckily Hong Kong massage is one of the best massage therapy in the world and is easily found in the city.

2-  Growth of the economy

The so-called  meeting place between the East andWest. Hong Kong which is a unique place, British and superb properties, for absorbing Chinese culture, the heights of skyscrapers, historical sites, feng shui, football and luxury shops, brands and cheerful shows, is the multifaceted nightlife of the city . Doing business with China to gain an international reputation as a rapidly growing global trade and financial center and Hong Kong, especially in finance, law, banking, telecommunications and other areas such as trade, it is necessary to analyze the situation in
international companies. At the same time, free trade and low taxes have led to the fact that the country’s economy in 2009 grew 20 times faster.

3-  Life in the cosmopolitan city

Hong Kong, one of the world’s major financial centers, is an international city-state where many people and cultures meet, despite the majority of China’s population. Come to the city with characteristic shopping streets and countless Buddhist smoke temples and striking the island with breathtaking scenery far beyond Hong Kong, beaches and rustic 1960s, at first glance, New York-style skyscrapers, fast-paced modern commercial centers and high level restaurants.

For those seeking a career in Hong Kong after graduation, it is useful to say that the cost of accommodation in the city center is particularly high. Although tariffs are higher than in European countries, such as Germany and France, and relatively lower than in the United States, life in Hong Kong is quite expensive. In general, it is comfortable, as high-ranking people have won
in the city center, the central part of the work on the life hours that make up most of the country, to escape from the feeling of labor at a fast pace and a small sitting-room in the sea on vacation, time in the park and passage of temples.

4- Unique cultural experience

Throughout history, Hong Kong’s cultural life has been shaped by Japan, the British, and finally China’s sovereignty. In general, the very British influence on the architectural elements of Chinese legal culture in the country often broadens characteristics, policies, educational programs, and often in the kitchen. At the same time, the cultural life of Asian immigration has become a bridge
between East and West. Hong Kong, known as the culinary capital of Asia, has many flavors from home and abroad to pursue a career. A small noodle restaurant while in the center of the city and places to eat through the streets of the most luxurious shops on different places, as long as a ship on the high seas do not feel the effects of seafood. Chicken jelly or duck leg, which meets the
shark fin soup and soup flavors that are not used to roast meat doves, are also given the same name Dim Sum Turkish ravioli and boiled vegetables or advice to taste add to that fish and seafood. In addition, four of the best restaurants in the world happen before and after dinner in Hong Kong, and it is worth noting that there is a tradition of drinking green tea.

5-  High quality training system

Univesity of Hong Kong, the academic freedom, education, world-class, internationally recognized diploma and the United States, England, Germany, the rich license for foreign students who come through communications with countries such as Canada and provide for graduates of the program in the country In the last 10 years, the educational system in Hong Kong requires a broad knowledge base, critical and creative thinking, class teaching, joint support projects and all with two learning approaches, foreign languages ​​have a quality education system.

According to a 2017 Financial Times survey, the best MBA education program in the world is the top 50 universities in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of Hong Kong. At the same time, inHong Kong, according to the index in the field of research and innovation among the 141 countries, and in eighth place, the cancer of Hong Kong Polytechnic University has been famous for the treatment of drug and Chinese University of Hong Kong developed for innovations in the field of quantum computing.

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