7 benefits of going to the beach in this summer 2018

7 benefits of going to the beach in this summer 2018

Going to the beach is not just a simple ritual to tan our skin, it’s more of an experience. The breeze relaxes us, the contact with the sand and nature makes us feel good but without a doubt the best thing of all is to go to the  sea  in the middle of a hot day in the middle of summer and freshen up.


  1. Sea water has a different composition to the sweet: it has zinc, potassium, iodine and trace elements that make it a great ally of our skin and our body in general. One of its main benefits are its antibiotic properties that work very well in the healing process


  1. Swimming or floating in the sea helps muscle relaxation and thanks to the presence of iodine it also favors the recovery of muscles against certain injuries


  1. For decades people with respiratory problems or diseases have been recommended to breathe sea breezes and take baths in the sea, and this type of water favors our lungs very well, being ideal to end colds, cough with phlegm and improve ailments more serious


  1. Want to suffer from rheumatic diseases such as arthritis are highly benefited by marine baths that reduce pain in this type of condition


  1. Its magnesium content helps calm anxiety so a few days at the beach is a recommended therapy for those who suffer from nervousness , stress or mild to severe depression .


  1. The walks along the beach also help to massage our feet thanks to the texture and constitution of the sand, which we can also use to exfoliate the skin


  1. If you live near the sea you have a marine therapy at least once a week, during the summer you can dive and in the cold months simply breathe in its fresh breeze full of beneficial effects for your health.

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