8 Types of Facebook Ads That Work

Facebook has 1.18 billion active users per day. But despite having a highly participatory community, connecting with it from a marketing point of view is not always easy.

If a brand wants to stand out and give a boost to its sales, it must do more than simply publish a post on Facebook. One way to achieve this is by creating optimized ads aimed at the right audience. Optimized Facebook ads can help you spend your Marketing budget prudently and with a positive return on your investment.

And how should an ad be to achieve good results on Facebook? If you are looking for some good examples, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will quickly review the three general Facebook ad formats: right column, desktop news section, and mobile news section. And then we will show you the eight types of ads that you can create to boost your sales.

8 types of Facebook advertising

1. Video

Video ads offer a more compelling type of content than static messages. Every day 8 million videos are seen on Facebook, so it seems to be a good indication that this type of ads work.

A small tip: try to make it as short as possible and make your call to action clear. Also if you manage to excite the user you will achieve that he shares it.

2. Image

Another type of advertising is a post with an image. This is one of the most popular types of ads since Facebook began favoring visual content. The optimal size for this type of ads in the news feed is 1200 × 628 pixels, if it is larger the image will be cut out. Adjust your image based on the needs of the target audience and what appeals to them most.

3. Various products

This type of campaign allows you to display several products within the same ad. Users can scroll through the images and click on the individual links of each product.

Below is an example of a Shutterfly multi-product ad, along with the additional images used in the ad. Each image has a different offer, to attract different types of user.


4. The local announcement

Local ads on Facebook only work if your business has a physical location that is trying to generate real traffic.

If you are going to make an event or special discount in your physical store, configure the ad in such a way that it is shown only to people who are within walking distance of your store.

Make these ads appear a few days before the event, and in the case of mobile devices, you can also include it on the day of the event. This way if someone goes through the area of ​​your store and opens your facebook account you can see it.

5. Offer

An offer ad is the most recent form of advertising. A business can promote a discount on a product or service that can be redeemed on Facebook. The benefit of this? Eliminate a step in the buyer’s journey , which ultimately increases sales.

This type of ad has many advantages:

Direct the user directly to the offer.
Any friction is eliminated because you do not have to leave Facebook to access the offer.
You can reach any type of audience you want, since all orientation options are available.

6. Event

Event announcements promote a specific event. The CTA of these ads usually sends users directly to the ticket purchase page, wherever it is hosted.

These ads are shown in the news feed of the specific audience you have chosen.

A good announcement in this format will clearly show the benefit of attending the event: The price, the dates and a clear CTA to buy the ticket.

7. The remarketing ad

A remarketing ad is shown to a specific list of previously identified people. Have you ever seen ads that follow you online after visiting a particular website? Well, Facebook can also do that. You can segment the audience of your ad in such a way that it is only shown to people who have visited your website in the last month, for example.

This type of advertisement is usually very well received, since the user to whom it is addressed already knows our products or services and we know that you are interested in them. In this case, the efforts in the design of the advertisement will be decisive for the user to decide whether or not to become a client of our website.


8. The promoted publication

A promoted publication is an organic post from a Facebook fan page that has been driven with advertising money.

This type of ad is different from the previous ones since it is not created in the Facebook Ads Manager. Its advantages are that you can include more information in the description, (since there is no limit on the word count), and that you can also have a link in the copy.

The cons? Promoted posts have fewer bidding, targeting, and pricing options. Nor can you run any A / B test because you are promoting a publication that has already been created.

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