The best way to consume HCG supplements

 If you’re looking for a weight loss program that will help you lose pounds in a span of a few weeks without doing any vigorous exercises, you can count on the HCG diet. Though the connection of the HCG hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and weight loss was discovered in the early 50s, the HCG diet has been gaining popularity in recent times. Unlike fad diets, the HCG diet has proven to be highly effective, especially for diabetics and for new mothers. As per the HCG diet protocol, when supplements are taken along with a restricted diet of only 500 calories, the dieters lose around 2 pounds per day! But what are the forms of HCG? How can it be consumed? Let’s discuss everything about HCG supplements, and how it’s going to help you lose oodles of weight in no time.

How is the HCG hormone derived?

The HCG hormone is a natural hormone, which is produced in an expectant mother’s body during pregnancy to nourish and support the fetus. This hormone is carefully extracted from the pituitary glands in order to make synthesized HCG powder. The powder is then combined along with other mixtures to form either pharmaceutical or homeopathic HCG grades.

Pharmaceutical or homeopathic HCG

There has been an ongoing debate regarding the grades of the HCG. While one school of thought suggests that homeopathic HCG doesn’t do any good in helping the dieter lose weight, the other school of thought disagrees with this statement.

According to Dr. Simeons, the British endocrinologist who discovered the connection between weight loss and the HCG hormone, if your HCG supplement contains at least 125 IU of the HCG hormone, the dieter will be able to lose weight. If the concentration is lesser than 125 IU, it will be ineffective. Pharmaceutical HCG supplements strictly follow the specifications set by Dr. Simeons and contain the required amount of HCG powder (125 IU). This has to be mixed with clean, sterile water to form a solution. While some products available on the market will already be mixed, you’ll come across some which have to be mixed during the course of the weight loss program.

Homeopathic HCG, on the other hand, doesn’t contain HCG in its purest form. Homeopathic HCG products contain water, alcohol, vitamins and only traces of the hormone. Just like other homeopathic medication, the drops are diluted in a solution, shaken well and then prescribed to the dieter. This is done to increase the efficacy and to reduce side effects. While some sections of people prefer the pharmaceutical HCG products as it contains the correct proportions of the hormone, the other sections swear to homeopathic HCG products as they are safer and much more affordable.

Jennifer Johnson, a spokesperson from HCGdiet.com, explains that the HCG drops are only as effective as the diet plan you execute while taking the drops. So you can say, no matter what type of grade, if you follow the diet plan effortlessly whilst consuming the right amount of HCG prescribed by your physician, you will notice your weight reduce significantly.

When should the supplements be consumed?

If you are planning to kick-start the HCG diet, you need to ask your doctor all the questions you have regarding the program. The diet is divided into four phases – the loading, the weight loss, the maintenance and the lifestyle phases. You need to take your supplements only during the first two phases of the program. Your doctor will advise you on how often and at what time you need to take your HCG prescription.

Types of HCG products

HCG can be consumed in four ways – as injections, drops, pellets or sprays. From these, the most commonly used forms are drops and injections. Take a look at how each type can be consumed effectively.

  • HCG injections

HCG injections were initially used by Dr. Simeons when he made the groundbreaking discovery and is still being used widely by dieters today. All products come with detailed instructions on how to use these needles without hurting yourself. Though injections are costlier than drops, it is not difficult to use these. However, you can always take a loved one’s assistance to inject the hormone during the course of the program.

  • HCG drops

Do you have a fear of needles? Worried if you would injure yourself? Then HCG drops are for you. You need to take your drops orally, by placing the prescribed amount under your tongue in order to get it faster into your bloodstream. After buying your preferred brand of drops, mix them with water as mentioned in the manual, and close the bottle immediately after use. This is done in order to preserve the quality of the hormone. There are brands which provide both drops and hormone, so you can use injections or drops as per your convenience.

  • HCG pellets

HCG pellets are a great alternative for dieters who want a more comfortable way to take their HCG supplements. Pellets are tiny, so when they are placed under the tongue, the product gets absorbed into your system easily. As glycerin is used for preserving the pellets, you might find them quite sweet when compared to HCG drops. They’re more pocket-friendly too. Don’t forget to refrigerate your pellets as they last for maximum 6 months.

  • HCG sprays

If you’re psyched at the thought of injecting yourself with HCG hormone for the first two phases, you can opt for HCG nasal sprays. These sprays are easy to use and can be incorporated easily into your program without any hassle. Once you start the program, your physician will show you how to use a nasal spray. You can either spray in one nostril or split it between both your nostrils. After spraying be careful not to blow your nose, as it could eliminate the hormone present in the spray, and the diet won’t be of any use. If you’ve caught a cold, you could spray the product under your tongue till the cold goes away. If you’re allergic to certain smells and sprays, you could opt for a more comfortable HCG product.

Which supplement is the most preferred one?

Sometimes you could be in a dilemma wondering which supplement would suit you and which won’t. You must talk to your doctor and let them know all your concerns. It is important to choose HCG supplements that are manufactured only by reliable brands. There are many factors you can consider while selecting your preferred brand. If you need to lose more than 25lbs, you will easily find many brands that are specifically made for you. If you’re looking for safe alternatives, you could go for homeopathic HCG which doesn’t require the assistance of a physician. No matter what type and grade of HCG you’re planning to purchase, buy a brand that is known for its authenticity and for its reputation. Buy a brand that is FDA-approved.

How the supplements work

Many people wonder if you can follow a low-calorie diet without the use of HCG supplements. The answer is yes, however, you won’t lose as much as you’ll lose when you’re on HCG supplements. This is because when the HCG hormone enters your system, it uses up the old fat stored in your body for energy, instead of using new fat cells. If you notice any side effects during the weight loss program, always speak to your doctor for advice. Always remember to take proper dosage to curb your hunger.

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