Google Chrome Improves the Anti-Pop-ups system and Support for HDR Video

The battle started by Mozilla with Firefox Quantum that has recently upgraded to version 58 of its popular browser seems to have served (or we want) for rivals to get the batteries and the first to react has been Google that has updated Google Chrome .

A new version has begun its deployment. It is Google Chrome in what comes to be version 64 . An update that is already being deployed and that mainly comes to correct the vulnerabilities of Meltdown and Specter, although by the way it also provides a series of new features.

The first thing that stands out is that it has improved the blocking of unwanted pop-up ads . So now Chrome 64 prevents ads from playing automatically and also do so with sound. In the same way now Chrome prevents that when we enter a web this redirects us to another with advertising. Iframes are blocked from third parties unless we click on them.

Also with this new version Chrome is now able to detect disguised links as camouflaged reproduction buttons within the web pages we visit. At the same time, avoid the annoying transparent overlays used to open new browser windows.

The anti-pop-ups system has also been improved , seeking to avoid opening new tabs in the web browser when we have not acted to make it so.

And finally and as we announced , now Chrome adds the support to access video with HDR support on Windows 10 computers, although to take advantage of it we must have compatible hardware in the form of a suitable monitor or graphics card.

The update of Google Chrome is being distributed and its installation is automatic, becoming functional at the time the browser is restarted.

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