Honeymoon with Children: 10 Incredible Destinations

If you plan a honeymoon accompanied by your children, here we show you some perfect destinations for them and for the couple. They pack suitcases or backpacks and get ready for a great family adventure.

We always conceive the idea of ​​honeymoon as an exclusive trip for the newly married couple, where they will spend days of relaxation, disconnected from the world.

However, couples who get married and having small children are opting to take them on honeymoon, and it is at this point where we have to assess which destinations are the most recommended to travel with children.

We leave you some incredible destinations for the couple and their children, ensure your budget from now on as there are for all tastes, interests and economies.

1. Cusco

The imperial city is still the most widespread destination within the Peruvian territory, and is that in addition to incredible landscapes and historical monuments, Cusco is a cosmopolitan city that houses Peruvian and world citizens, with such a large demand that it has become a destination modern.

It is recommended that the first stop on arrival, be the same city, a walk through it will help them acclimatize. Not far away is the Sacred Valley of Urubamba, where the children will have fun walking through the valleys, enjoying the outdoors and getting to know the ruins of Ollantaytambo and its magnificent Inca terraces. The next day you could visit the Salinas de Maras and Moray, a bucolic destination, impressive to look at where numerous salt pools merge into the mountains. It is possible to enter the place in ATV or on horseback.

The cherry on the cake is obviously the imposing Machu Picchu (old mountain). The ways to reach the Inca citadel are varied, from long walks of several hours, to aboard the train. Already in the citadel the vision excites children and adults. Take the opportunity to take pictures and visit each point of the Inca citadel.

It is possible to climb the mountain called Huayna Picchu (young mountain) if your children are bigger and have resistance, it would be wonderful to have the whole family together at the top to appreciate from the height one of the Wonders of the World.

2. Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon is a varied and large destination that is perfect for any type of traveler, from the most adventurous, to the most comfortable and of course parents with small, large or adolescent children. The jungle never loses. If you decide on Iquitos you will find one of the most developed Amazonian cities, with hotel proposals designed for family well-being. From hotels in the city, to lodges in the middle of the Amazon forest where your children will have permanent contact with nature.

Do not miss a visit to the butterfly garden, to the island of the monkeys, to the CREA Amazonian rescue center where the little ones can meet, caress and feed the manatees and other species protected by this organization. Venture on a boat trip on the river and the rain forests, or have fun in the boats and if you are lucky you will be able to observe the beauty of the Pink Dolphin.

For lunch or dinner visit the Al Frio floating restaurant, Al Fuego, where you will really feel the movement of the river while enjoying a while playing in the pool.

3. Northern beaches route

The beaches of the north of Peru are always a perfect proposal for the family. Why not plan a beach tour starting in the beautiful Huanchaco (La Libertad), here knowing something of the Moche culture will be essential.

Continue uphill and arrive at Pimentel beach in Lambayeque, where the main attraction for your children will be a ride in totora horses along the coast. They will continue up north until they reach the beaches of Piura, in Órganos do not forget to live an unforgettable experience swimming with the turtles.

Finally, in Tumbes the scene is hotter, you will find beaches with turquoise waters, warm and soft sand and sun all year round. If your older children want to learn or practice some surfing or windsurfing this is the right place, while you enjoy the rest and a beautiful sunset.

4. Santa Marta

We left the Peruvian territory to go a little further north, to Colombian lands. Enjoy the white sand clowns and swim in the Caribbean Sea will be an incredible experience for children and the newly married couple.

In Santa Marta the children will like the beach a lot and the highlight is the visit to the Tayrona National Natural Park, where it is possible to swim with the family and see the reefs and corals, as well as various animals: monkeys, dolphins and condors.

After that you can visit the Aquarium where a dolphin show will impress adults and children.

5. Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya in Mexico is considered by many as an incredible destination, not only for its exotic beaches and paradisiacal landscapes, but also for the amount of activities that can be done here. Start with a guided or independent tour through Chichen Itza, Hubiku and Ek Balam and impress with the imposing Ku Kul Kan Castle, which represents the Mayan calendar.

Then give the pass to the adventure, try the Xcaret Mexico, a natural sanctuary in the middle of the Caribbean, where you will discover underground rivers, snorkel tour, swim with dolphins, and a permanent cohabitation with the Mayan culture.

If the couple and their children are very adventurous, take a look at Xplor Fuego, a challenge in the dark, fly at night in the highest zip lines of the entire Riviera Maya, walk inside the caverns,

6. Chilean and Argentine Patagonia

If what you are looking for are icy scenarios, walk in the mountains, see snow and enjoy skiing, maybe Patagonia and all its white beauty is the best option for you.

The best months to visit this southern area of ​​our continent are during the summer (the months of January to May), since the snowfall has stopped, so you can perform more outdoor activities such as mountaineering, camping, walks in Lake and its famous volcanoes, visits to glaciers, among the most beautiful is the Perito Moreno in Argentina.

Patagonia is always a great destination for big and small adventurers who enjoy the connection with nature.

7. Disney World

Gold destination for children and many adults, since if they are movie fans of this film house, it is more than likely that they will enjoy every day with the ears of Mickey Mouse well placed.

To travel throughout the park have to make prevail the attractions that most interest them and even set a schedule to try to climb the most impressive, because the queues are long always.

If you have girls, take them to meet the princesses of Frozen but also to the determined archer Valiente in her medieval castle. Without a doubt, Disney World is one of the destinations that your children will always enjoy.

8. Cruise: Family on board

Escape the common trips and board a family cruise. If they take children, the famous cruise for them is the Disney Cruise, where they will be close to their favorite characters from the movies, doing activities and games, they will be able to see theatrical and musical shows, and the best routes along the Mediterranean coasts.

There are other travel agencies and cruise companies, make sure they offer a good entertainment program for children.

Another point to take into account is to ensure the minimum age of admission of minors, in some cruises is usually between 6 and 12 months, or from two years to more. Therefore, check the web page of your best option to enjoy a few days at sea.

9. London

This country is the scene of one of the greatest stories for children and adults of all time. The universe of Harry Potter and its intricate adventures can be the perfect destination for your honeymoon accompanied by children, even more if you, the parents, are followers of the story of the child of the scar.

Book a visit to the studios where the film was shot, you can see the sets, costumes, and props of this fantastic story. In addition, London has much more to offer, visit the great Big Ben, get on the London Eye and witness the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

The cosmopolitan and traditional London is an option for children perhaps larger, from 8 years old to more.

10. Asia

For many the countries of this continent can be very distant, difficult to access and expensive. However, these are myths again. Despite the undeniable distance, the Asian continent offers great landscapes and destinations to enjoy as a family.

India has become a country of much migration and tourist travel by Latinos, the price of the flight is usually expensive, but the cost of living and travel bag (food, lodging, transportation) are very similar to those of Peru . Organize a visit through the Taj Mahal, or the great BangKok Palace in Thailand.

In these countries the scenarios are idyllic, in which mountains, beaches and vegetation come together. Add to the list a tour of Jerusalem, the Great Wall of China or the incredible Disney of Hong Kong that combines oriental style with classic western decor.

Traveling with children always leads to a higher level of responsibility. Obviously, they have greater needs for security, comfort and entertainment. But this does not mean that the destination will be chosen thinking only of them, the ideal is to make a decision with which everyone feels happy. Remember that it will be the first trip of the family united under the blessing of marriage.

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