How to Deal with Small Tasks more Effective

We all have those small tasks that we always postpone but, nevertheless, are necessary for our performance. It is the case of cleaning the email inbox, making the presentations that you have compromised but never find time to do them, etc.

If you can not delegate, because there is no one in whom you can do it, or you can not rule out this type of task, it is time for you to consider how to deal with it efficiently .

  • Create lots of unimportant tasks

These tasks stand out because they are usually tasks that bore us, therefore, doing them all at once creates a sense of momentum. You can go to a cafe and commit yourself that you will not go home until you have completed all the tasks. Or, meet with some colleagues to work together on that list of boring tasks.

  • Drip strategy

Identify small blocks of time in your schedule, such as 15-minute gaps between phone calls, and use them to perform low-value tasks. You can find these gaps by chance or deliberately schedule them in a half hour of heavy work every day, perhaps at the end of the work day, when you have less energy for the most important tasks.

The important thing is to be able to establish a routine that allows us that these less relevant tasks do not end up being a problem for our performance.

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