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How to Integrate and install WordPress on an Intranet

WordPress can be installed on a remote server, on a local server, and also on an intranet of course, but how? Let’s see the peculiarities of this type of facilities, special.

What is an Intranet?

Basically a restricted content navigation and viewing network, installed on a local or company server to which, normally, only users connected to that server will have access .

Why install WordPress on an Intranet?

WordPress makes a lot of sense in an Intranet , because it facilitates the creation of web applications of all kinds, and will allow you to offer a multitude of resources in your company:

  • Department Blogs
  • Social network for employees
  • Surveys
  • Collaboration sites
  • Management sites and projects
  • Directory of departments and employees
  • Download documents (payroll, regulations, etc.)

It comes to be the same, but in the cloud . Think of it as a private access zone, which can reach any user who knows the address but where you can only interact if you have specific access permissions.

What we are going to see about how to use WordPress in an Intranet is the same for an Extranet.

How to install WordPress on an Intranet?

To know how to install WordPress on an Intranet, think of it as a local installation so, depending on the type of server, you will have to install it depending on the operating system that manages the network: WordPress on Windows, Mac or Linux

Basically, in any system, it goes through the use of some installer of the Apache + MySQL + PHP base , such as LAMP (for Linux), WAMP (for Windows) or MAMP (for Mac).

Once installed and activates the necessary base for the local environment to function as a server (Apache, MySQL and PHP), WordPress is installed as usual.


What else do I need or can I do on an Intranet with WordPress?

From here I will recommend some basic plugins, useful, even essential, to add functionality to an Intranet in WordPress.


The best exmaple for an intranet is a social network, or a website with the features of a social network, and for this in WordPress we have the wonder of BuddyPress .

Once installed and configured, you have all the utilities that your users or employees can expect and need in a corporate social environment:

  • Directory of users
  • Groups (working, with their own forum)
  • Wall to share information
  • News blog (s)
  • Private chat
  • Connection between users (friends)
  • And there are thousands of additional plugins for BuddyPress that allow adding user galleries, and much more. 

All in one Intranet

With its own name, this plugin offers specific and essential features for any Intranet or private site worth its salt:

Privacy  – with a single box you make your site completely private so that nobody can see it if it is not connected. In addition, it shows notices if some adjustment of WordPress allows users to register on their own.

Redirection when accessing  – define any URL to direct your users after accessing, the desktop is irrelevant on an Intranet.

Automatic disconnection  – you can define a period of inactivity, after which the users will automatically be disconnected, something essential.

As you will see, essential, also on an Extranet.

Simple Intranet Directory

If you want to offer a complete employee directory this plugin provides a simple template applied using shortcodes you can put on any page or post of your choice.

The functionalities that it offers are the following:

  • Directory of employees with a search engine
  • Calendar of events synchronized with Google Calendar
  • Forms
  • File management with drag and drop type Dropbox
  • Management of free time and vacations
  • Employee of the month, anniversaries and employees’ birthdays
  • Facebook type wall
  • Wiki
  • Booking of rooms and events
  • Question and answer section type Quora

You see, an old, very focused on Intranets corporate, with pretty much everything you need.

WP Document Revisions

Fantastic plugin for collaborative documents in workgroup environments.

It allows live editing in group of documents, spreadsheets, images, everything. Very complete, and meets all the standards of document management in group.

Intranet Plus

Although we have seen a similar plugin before, it can be useful even if it has fewer features, among which are:

  • Access only for guest users
  • Notes, files and comments
  • Sharing of documents
  • Corporate ads
  • Different workspaces

Active Directory Integration

Complete management and integration of WordPress with Active Directory servers . You simply configure the IP and port and you can fully interact with the directory.

The management of users, groups and permissions is complete. Also compatible with multisite.

Employee Directory

A simpler solution for employee directory than Simple Intranet Directory, but also full of virtues:

  • Full directory of users
  • Various levels of security
  • Employee hierarchies
  • Custom post
  • Management of corporate events
  • Diary for employees
  • Download employee profiles in VCARD format

WordPress Office 365 Login

A plugin specialized in adding functionality to your Intranet to allow access to your Office 365 users , only to them.

Although the plugin can work both on the Internet and in the Intranet , when you are on an Intranet it ensures the front page and the desktop verifying if the user can identify with the active Microsoft Azure directory .

If you can then you are allowed to access the requested page, otherwise you will be redirected to the normal WordPress access page. 

Google Apps Login

If you manage your website, domain and directory from Google Apps (Google Suite) this plugin incorporates Google’s oAuth2 identification to allow access to your Intranet / Extranet , from your Google Apps accounts.

Google Apps Directory

If you have the previous plugin to access the Google Apps (Google Suite) of your company, with this other plugin your employees can search for employees of the corporate directory , for which it also includes a widget.

WordPress + Sharepoint Online

Connect SharePoint Online and Office 365 using the Office 365 access plugin we have seen before (required).

It allows users to search for documents, workspaces, any Sharepoint Online element , from your WordPress.

Although it is not a plugin but a theme, this special theme converts any site or subsite of your Intranet into a complete work environment for your computers, so it deserves to be included in one of the first applications that you can give to your Intranet.

Hundreds more possibilities

In addition to the plugins we have seen, any other plugin and theme that works for WordPress you can use it on an intranet , from themes to simulate social networks, private areas, everything. The limit is your imagination and the needs of your company.

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