What is plastic machining? What are its applications?

Plastic machining is the process of machining injection molded parts and components to the needed tolerance when the injection molder fails to do so. You may get in touch with plastic fabricators and distributors for plastic machining if the injection molded parts fail to hold the needed tolerance levels. It has several applications in industries where precision is required rather than the parts need to be manufactured in huge volumes. In industries like aerospace, medical, military and fluid handling, precise components need to be manufactured. There is a need to make precise and accurate tools and this is why one turns to plastic machining. When precision is the requirement, it is better to turn to plastic than using metals. If you need precise machining results, find a company which specializes in precise machining. Plastic is wear-resistant, chemical-resistant and also bears self-lubricating properties and so it is preferred material option for designers and engineers.

When compared to metal, plastic is cost effective. It is suitable for long term usage. It has great application in the aerospace industry as it is lightweight. Plastic bearings are used by aircraft that are easy to manufacture and are not time consuming. For instance, a bearing of polymer has self-lubricating features and renders maintenance free operation. Since the material plastic is lighter, it is also fuel-efficient. When compared to metal fittings, plastic fittings are more cost effective and also offer much greater chemical resistance.

Why is plastic machining so much preferred?

When compared to plastic molding, plastic machining is more preferred. When there is a need for more precision, machining is preferred over molding. If you have to make equipment that need more precision and greater accuracy, machining is used. So, when you have to mass-produce toys and computer shells, you can go for plastic molding since no such precision is required. Indeed, machining affords tight tolerance and offers much better control needed for the application. It has great application in the medical field since you can sterilize plastic repeatedly without causing any damage to the structural integrity of plastic. Plastic is cheaper than metal. You may mass produce the items within your budget. It is best meant for making machine parts, surgical equipment, etc. Since it is resistant to chemicals and corrosion, it is best choice for industries relating to fluid handling. Seismologists also use plastic due to its superior properties.

Plastic machining
Plastic machining

The applications of plastic machining

Due to the amazing properties of plastic, the applications of plastic machining are endless. Its advantages are not restricted to offering cost benefits or being flexible and versatile, but plastic has wide range of other applications as well. It has telecommunication and military applications as well. Plastic is acoustically efficient and more stable. The best part is that it never interferes with mechanical and electrical signals. Machined plastics move below the sea or travel on the sea and also fly on the air. It also finds its place on the work table of surgeons, doctor’s office. It has huge application in the oil and petroleum industry. So, when precision is the main concern, there isn’t any substitute to plastic and plastic machining.

The benefits of plastic machining

  • There is no need to bear mould cost

  • Within the shortest span of time, plastic components are manufactured in huge quantities

  • Low volume manufacture at cost effective rates

  • Plastic tends to dry by machine

  • Can accommodate even thicker walls

There are several techniques of machining, namely, CNC Machining, Milling, Turning, Sawing, Die Cutting, laser cutting, ultrasonic cutting and many more. The choice relies on the application. Rigid plastics can be machined more easily.

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