Top 7 Mobile Application That Will Boost In 2018

Mobile apps are the milestone of a remarkable change in the world. It has been the centre of innovation for many years. With the growing market and the development in the modern technologies it is tuff to stay relevant and competitive. With the increasing flexibility of the market and the penetration of the larger market in the small markets mobile devices and mobile apps prove to be the best device to be targeted by business. In order to cope up with the advanced world it is necessary to adapt the mobile application. The mobile application makes the world fast and it makes the world highly advanced.

Augmented Reality

The year 2017, was earmarked by Google and Apple for banking on the development and accessibility of augmented reality. There are two most popular mobile applications for the development of augmented reality apps, one is Google and the other is the Apple app. Mobile app marketing is as important as developing the app. Without a proper go to market strategy your app will not be able to attract any audience.

Wearable Apps

The smart watches and other connected wearables have successfully created an altogether new technology market. While many of these devices can provide standalone features they still require certain support from mobile for instance before the watch OS4 the apple watch needed iPhone’s network for calling. Except for this the users prefer wearable devices to be synchronized with their mobile phones for easier access to data.

Instant Apps

A new feature was launched in the android devices called the instant app by Google. The aim is to make it easier for the users so that they can use the android app without even downloading the app. The users can try the app by

Lazy Loading and AMP

The use of AMP which is a mobile version of the web page is created which is usually much faster and more responsive. As an alternative the web page can be developed simultaneously while it is loading instead of making the user wait for the whole page to load. This process is called the process of lazy loading. These techniques can be used to speed the performance of the mobile applications while the content is syndicated through web.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence has enabled some unique and exciting features in mobile applications. Some are recommendation engines, some are personalized experience and some are even behavioral targeting etc. The use of chat bots are also a part of this innovation. This has enabled the stimulation of human conversations. This is however not used by all the applications. Few applications do this. In future it will be seen that many applications will adapt this and will synchronize their app.

Cloud Computing

The recent world has witnessed the rise of mobile cloud computing. This has lots of benefits. With the use of cloud computing the storage of data has become easier in the mobile apps. This increases the reliability, speed and the security of mobile applications. It further allows for maximum collection, storage and it enables the analysis of the user data.

Mobile Payments

The rise of e-commerce makes it necessary for making e-payments through mobile phones. This is the reason there are rise in the innumerable rise of the mobile payments. This makes work easier and fast. The payments done through mobile applications makes thing easier as it marks the advancement made by the world. The security issue has been kept in mind while designing the apps.

This shows that in the year 2018 the emergence of the mobile apps have become a necessary process. Mobile applications made work easier and faster. The all whole and sole applications are made with programming help , and coding on some specific languages for application generation.


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