Top 3 SEO Trends To Follow In 2018

Top 5 SEO Trends To Follow In 2018

Want to improve your positioning or stay on top of the search results? In 2018, focus your SEO efforts on three key points: voice search, video and the Mobile First Index .

1. Voice Search

What time will it be tomorrow?, What is the shortest way to go to Liège?, What is the new title of Calogero? In 2018, your Smartphone answers all your questions!

The voice search is the future. Today, it is estimated that one in five searches is done vocally, but what does it change for SEO?

Internet users’ requests are no longer the same: they are longer, more precise and in the form of a question. Typing on a keyboard is out of date. Ask Siri or “Ok Google”, they hurry to post the most relevant results.

How to adapt to this change? By providing the best answer to the user’s question. To do this, write your texts as if you were talking to him. Adopt a more natural tone. A real conversation must take place between the requests of the user and your web pages.

2. The Video

What do you prefer ? A little explanatory video or a long knockout pad? We agree, the first option is more digestible.

In 2018, the user is more user than reader. To attract him, nothing like a clear and punchy video .

Did you know that more than half of Google search results contain at least one video? And that a page containing a video is 50 times more likely to appear in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)?

No doubt, this year, video is the ideal format to improve your SEO . Properly optimized video increases your click rate and improves your search engine positioning.

But how to boost your video in the first results?

Choose relevant keywords and a clear title related to the content of the video. In addition, optimize the title and description of it.

3. Focus on Mobile

To shop online, listen to music, search for a recipe or watch a video … the Smartphone has become an indispensable tool in our daily lives. With its new index, Google takes into account the new consumer habits of Internet users and adapts its algorithm to offer you a better user experience .

What will be the impact in terms of SEO?

So far, Google ranked sites by desktop version. This year, the search engine modifies its index. From now on, the mobile version will be taken into account.

The Mobile First Index will prioritize sites that will display correctly on Smartphone. If this is not the case with your website, it is high time to react. Go to Responsive Design without further delay.

4. Protect Your Site

We hear this announced it two years ago , but today, the transition to HTTPS is an undeniable reality that you can not ignore.

Starting in January 2017, unsecured sites carrying sensitive data (passwords or other credit card data) will have a “not secure” red alert in the address bar.

That Google will prioritize sites in HTTPS in search results to ensure a secure connection to its users. But do not worry, this change will be gradual to allow time for webmasters to make the necessary changes.

5. Website Speed

Have you ever waited indefinitely for a web page to load? We agree, a real waste of time!

In its goal to improve the user experience of Internet users, this year, Google will focus more on fast and efficient sites. It was said then, we repeat now: speed is a key factor for good SEO, especially in the era of “everything, right now”!

In this perspective of velocity, Google offers the solution of pages AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which aims to improve mobile web pages to make them faster. Want to know the speed score of your site? Take the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights test .

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