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Ultimate Bollywood Masala News of 2018

For most of the people out there Bollywood news may seem like a world filled with beautiful colors but there are a lot more things hidden deep inside those colors which are invisible to the audience because of faded colors. The gossips are the best way to bring some of the invisible issues out into the audience. Here is the best online digital Bollywood masala news compilation.

Secrets Behind Sri Devi’s Demise

Whole India mourned for the legendary actress Sri Devi’s death. She left the world on 24th of February in United Arab Emirates (UAE) while she went to attend a marriage.

Initially, people were so depressed about her death that no one actually cared about the reason and the United Arab Emirates police held the body till they clear the issue and this is the time when people got suspicious about her death.

Initially when Filmfare tweeted about the death they told the main reason for death is cardiac arrest but later it was denied and many fingers have pointed towards her spouse Mr. Boney Kapoor saying that he did some conspiracy and is the reason for the death, some others stated that she was not in sober state and lose control over her body, got immersed in the bath tub and died. Many people had various own theories regarding Sri Devi’s death.

The United Arab Emirates government held the body for two days and then after conducting various tests released it saying that the death happened due to accidental drowning. Police have also found traces of alcohol in her body. After getting the post-mortem reports also there are many doubts and issues regarding the death of Sri Devi.

A Uttar Pradesh native named Sunil Singh who claims himself as a director and the CEO of visual effects studio filed a PIL in Mumbai court against the reason for the death of Sri Devi. He said that he was in the United Arab Emirates from 20th to 26th of February attending a family function.

He enquired both hotel staff where the demise of Sri Devi happened and the hospital where postmortem was conducted on Sri Devi’s mortal remains and told that the information that has been given to media and the information that he gathered was not same and he wants to know the real reason for the death by reinvestigating the case.

The Delhi High Court refused to consider the PIL by stating that both Indian and United Arab Emirates police looked into the incident and there is no need for further investigation. At last, the legendary actress’s death remained a mystery.

Jhanvi Kapoor, daughter of Sri Devi celebrated her 21st birthday on 7th March in an orphanage but people in social media wouldn’t let it go and created a huge fuss about it and usually, Jhanvi didn’t care about those reports and ignored the haters.


Salman Khan’s Black Buck Poaching Case


Finally, Salman Khan’s Black Buck Poaching case came to end and the judge convicted Salman Khan by sentencing him five years of imprisonment. This has become a trending topic this year. Salman khan hunted and killed one of the endangered species, Black Buck in 1998.

The case was prolonged till now and finally, the Jodhpur court convicted him on the grounds of habitual offender. This came as a shock to both celebrities and audience and people were divided into many groups with each having their own argument. Some people stood with Salman saying that he was a good human being and because of the charities he had done the court should ignore this matter and excuse him while the other group of people wanted Salman to be punished saying that he must be punished for the mistake he made.

And there is this other group who said blamed judiciary system for taking the case so seriously and not showing that much interest in other cases such as murders, rapes and etc. They are saying that the blackbuck poaching case doesn’t require that much attention which it has been given. Apparently, Salman got the bail just after 2 days.


Priyanka Was Refused Due To Her Skin Color

Priyanka Chopra, one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood has stated that she was rejected in a film because of her dark skin color. This Quantico star got huge fame in Hollywood with her thriller TV series Quantico and debut movie Baywatch but she said that she is still facing the color discrimination, last year a producer called her agent and told that she doesn’t have the right physicality for the movie.

These are some of the online digital Bollywood masala news. People always see the glamour world but there is a lot of struggle and hassle behind it too and these gossips show how effective they are.


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