Using Make Up to Hide Skin Conditions

We use makeup to be able to reform and transform ourselves temporary, and to experiment with different makeup products to change our looks. However, makeup is bliss to people with skin conditions, and they can use a generous amount of makeup to camouflage their imperfections.

The use of makeup to hide skin conditions is debatable, as few ingredients used in the manufacturing of makeup could further irritate the skin. You should consider investing in makeup which is advertised for sensitive skin.

It’s best to read, research and review makeup products before you buy if you suffer from sensitive skin.

You can use makeup to hide skin conditions such as:




Acne is a product of insane hormonal imbalance and improper diet, and the appearance of acne could a big blow to anyone’s self-esteem. The good news is that you can use cosmetic products systemically to conceal the aftermaths of your acne. You can use a purple and green makeup corrector to camouflage the redness caused by acne then, you can apply a generous amount of full coverage foundation for acne-prone skin on the color corrected areas. If your acne is still visible, you can apply concealer on the prominent areas of your face using a concealer brush.

However, you should use the right amount of the product and the right type of product to apply makeup on your acne-prone skin. If you notice any irritation on your skin, you should discontinue the use of makeup immediately, and look for cosmetic products that work the best with your skin type.




If your skin is subject to redness due to weather or hormonal imbalance, you can use makeup to cover up your redness. You can invest in a number of color correctors to correct your redness; you can use a green color corrector to cancel out the redness on your skin, and further camouflage the skin condition using a moderate amount of foundation and concealer. You can also follow makeup tips on how to reduce your skin’s redness using the correct type of correctors and cosmetic products.




A hyper pigmentation skin requires being concealed to bring out your features. If you read makeup reviews frequently then, you might find yourself looking for products that cater to covering up hyper pigmentation. You can use few color correctors and a full-coverage foundation to cover up your hyperpigmented skin and you will be good to go for the day.

If your skin is pigmented, you should consider investing in a color correcting makeup wheel. You can find such makeup wheels from NYX or Makeup Forever, and you can use makeup brushes or makeup sponges to correct your hyper pigmented skin.


Dark circles and under-eyes puffiness

Dark circles and under-eyes puffiness

The appearance of dark circles could be unappealing to some people, and they start taking measures for covering up their under eyes area. The best way to cover up dark circles and under-eyes puffiness requires you to use a red color corrector under your eyes. It will conceal the dullness of the dark circles, which can be further completed using a full-coverage concealer. You can consider investing in Tarte’s ShapeTape Concealer or, you can use NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer to get rid of those dark circles. If you are on a hunt for a red color corrector to correct the area under your eyes, the orange corrector by LA Girls Cosmetics is the best way to start.

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