Want To Know The Best Way To Get Cheap Flights?

Want To Know The Best Way To Get Cheap Flights?

With airfares varying from airline to airline for the same route, have you ever wondered which the best way to get cheap flights is? If you have, then you’re not the only one. Many travelers, even the well-seasoned ones, very often wonder how to get cheap flights last minute. Many just Google flights available at cheap rates and hope to hit some sort of a jackpot. While this may or may not work, there are certain other things one can do to book really cheap flights. Read on to know what these are.

How to book a cheap flight ticket any time of the year:

Finding cheap places to stay in India or anywhere else is sometimes easier than finding cheap flights. Listed here are some tips that show you how to book cheap flights to anywhere last minute or otherwise. Use these tips the next time you’re on a flight search and find the cheapest airfare possible.

#1. Use social media to follow airlines

This is one of the top things to do if you wish to know the best way to get cheap flights. Following airlines on social media sites will get you unexpected benefits. Airlines generally reward loyal flyers with discounted rates and other rewards. This is one of the reasons they advertise some of their best deals on social media sites. So find a few airlines online, hit the follow button, and find great deals!

#2. Find a package deal

If you’re traveling to a new destination, you’ll have to book hotel rooms, car rentals, and other bookings in addition to flights. Instead of complicating the process by booking them separately or one-by-one, find a package deal that offers you everything. There are several travel agencies you can use that offer unbelievably cheap travel packages. Scout for some good ones and you’ll surely save huge.

#3. Take advantage of student discounts

Several airlines offer insanely low airfares in the form of student discounts. Take complete advantage of this and fly wherever you like. Don’t let the pressure of tuition fees or other things get in the way of your travel dreams. Check which airlines and travel websites offer the best student discounts and find one that suits your travel needs best. With some luck, you may even be able to score some reasonable business class flights as well.

#4. Fly Economy Class

The best way to get cheap flights is often also the simplest way – by sacrificing the comforts of First Class air travel. Flying economy will save you hundreds of dollars on flight tickets. Although you may have to compromise on leg room and possibly the quality of airline food, you’ll still be grateful that you were able to save so much. You can do a lot with what you save when you reach your travel destination.

#5. Book with more than just one airline

This is a good tip to follow when booking flights as it will help you save huge. If your destination is far off and you need a layover in between, try booking with a different airline instead of the same one. This is because sometimes, airlines will offer varying rates for a flight on the same route. Booking with another airline might help save you more than if you booked with the same airline.

#6. Break up your travel into alternative routes

A slight variant to using layover flights, this is also the best way to get cheap flights. Instead of booking a direct flight, which is always a costly affair, fly to a different destination altogether. For instance, instead of flying directly from Seattle to London, fly from Seattle to Boston first and then take a flight to London from there. This will help you save considerably more than if you booked a direct flight.

#7. Avoid fixed travel dates

When you keep your travel dates flexible, you increase the chances of saving on flight bookings. You will get more offers and more time to carefully scout for and find cheap airfares. Also, try staying at your travel destination over the weekend as the cheapest airfares are usually offered on weekends. So when you take your time while booking flights for a trip, you widen your cheap airfare choices.

#8. Block more than one itinerary

Travel agencies such as Indian Eagle permit flyers to block itineraries without having to actually pay for them. This is the best way to get cheap flights any time of the year. They’ll hold your tickets for a set period of time and also allow you to cancel itineraries. When you find an airfare you like, you can book that one and cancel the rest of them put on hold.

#9. Try an Air Pass

Several national airlines offer cheap Air Passes to tourists in order to promote tourism and at the same time help them get around the country easily. This is the best way to get cheap flights and a cost-effective way in case you’re planning on extensive travel in a region or country. You won’t have to needlessly keep booking domestic flights from one place to another in the same country.

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