Washer And Dryer Tips : How to Keep in a Good Condition

A proper functioning washer and dryer have become an important part of a happy home. The health of your dryer and washer depends greatly on the way you maintain them. A number of malfunctions can be experienced as a result of improper care. This might cost you a lot of money. Here are some maintenance tips that can help you to keep your machines in a good condition:

The Quality Of Detergent Matters

Though washer repair in George Town TX is always an option, it is better to maintain it enough so that it does not require repairs. A high-efficiency washer uses a limited amount of water to wash away the detergent or soap. If you use a traditional detergent then you might face a number of problems. If you are a beginner, you might notice your washer leaking.

Using a good quality detergent can help you save your machine’s electronic system from getting damaged. Inadequate care and using of traditional detergent may also lead to mold growth. As most of the brands nowadays produce high-quality detergents, it is not a very expensive way to maintain your appliance.

Hot Water Wash Can Be Effective

Washing and taking dirt off your clothes in cold water may conserve energy, but it is also important to know that a regular wash in hot water can be beneficial too. It will be helpful to remove the soap residue and dirt left over from preceding wash cycles.

Nevertheless, there are some high-efficiency washers that are already equipped with a machine cleaning cycle, which can be used instead of hot water wash. Both of these options can be great to keep mold and mildew problems away.

Prevent Mold And Mildew By Leaving The Door Open

Front loading washers have a rubber seal around the door, which is likely to give way to mold if you don’t let it dry completely. Closing the door right after washing is one mistake that most of the people make. The lingering moisture makes the perfect environment for mildew and mold. This problem can simply be avoided by keeping the door open for a while after a wash.

Dispenser Drawer Is A Place For Mold

Another likely place for mildew and mold growth is your dispenser drawer. Similar to the door, keeping the drawer open for some time after a wash can allow the compartment to dry and stops mold and mildew from becoming a part of it.

Say No To Overloading Your Dryer

Increased dryer times can be a result of an over-packed dryer. It does not sound like a big problem but with time it can get worse and wear down your dryer before time. Moreover, you can also ruin your clothes as well as the dryer’s life expectancy by over-drying them. Using dryer repair in George Town TX every once in a while can help maintain your dryer too.

A Shorter Vent Pipe

The efficiency of your dryer decreases with the length of the vent line. Every brand and model offers a different length of the vent pipe. While installing an appliance, always refer to the manual and do not let the line get tangled.


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