Keyword stemming is a useful tool for web pages and search engine optimization.

What is Keyword Stemming? Keyword Research

When it comes down to keyword research, using keyword stemming methods to find variants is an amazing keyword strategy and the name of the game… stemming your keywords is a form for taking keyword density to a whole new level.

Your Keyword Research Campaign Should Include Keyword Stemming!

The process of keyword stemming is the growth of one popular keyword phrase that is related to your website article by using suffixes, prefixes or adding pluralization, which is another way of making one keyword phrase into many additional new words. Stemming can also include the addition of related words on either side to extend the keywords scope.

Example: let’s take the keyword phrase ‘blog’… this word can be stemmed to include, blogs, blog’s, bloggers, blogging, blogger, and weblog as its keyword variants. Using keyword stemming on the word “blog” could quite possibly bring in additional searches for each of the stemmed keywords when they are searched for in a search engine.

There has been some discussion about the effectiveness of stemming the keywords in your web site’s content. The consensus states that stemming is a good method to boost the number of times that you can use a keyword or keyword phrase on any given page… a method of boosting keyword density without being penalized for keyword stuffing.

Keyword variants carry less weight than the keywords themselves; this means that you should not substitute your keywords for their variants, but use these keyword variations in addition to the keyword or the phrase itself… their additional use should contribute to ranking higher.

Closing Comments about Keyword Stemming and Their Variations!

A major factor in search engine optimization is the hunt for relevant keyword variations that are under optimized by competitors, yet frequently used by searchers. This will allow a website to expand its main keyword phrase into a number of variable options, which can help a website gain more traffic.

Remember that rankings are achieved through a complex combination of factors from the algorithms that crawl your site. It goes back to what I have said in other articles I’ve written… create pages for the user, not the search engines. These are guidelines, but they will help you create a standard for how you use your keywords and keyword phrases.

It’s worth a second mention that having a greater variety of keywords through keyword stemming can also avoid the repetition of your main keyword phrase that can get your site blacklisted from search engines for keyword stuffing.

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