Where Do We Have More Distractions, If We Work In Office Or At Home?

Where do We Have More Distractions, If We Work in Office or at Home?

When talking about telework one of the main drawbacks that are argued against is the distractions suffered by employees at home. It gives the impression that employees are treated like school children, unable to take responsibility for their tasks, which is what matters after all. But above all, as if in the environment of the company there were no distractions .

The first thing that must be taken into account is that it depends to a large extent on oneself and the capacity for concentration that has to be able to work efficiently, both in the office and at home. And of its own responsibility . Not having the boss in front so that the breakfast break can be extended by five more minutes, or half an hour more, does not imply that when we return to our table the tasks before us have been resolved.

Routines help us manage work times

What gives us an office environment is a routine . A schedule of entry, pauses, exit that forces you to establish guidelines for work so that the tasks do not accumulate. It is this freedom that can confuse employees in many cases when one afternoon they do the same as in the company, but from home.

The first days may be a little more anarchic, but soon we will be the ones who have created our own schedules routines to try to optimize our work and rest time. Flexibility is a question that we should use for our own benefit.

The workspace is also important

But the workspace we have at home will also be important . If we have no choice but to work in a common area, where other members of the family will be going, watching TV, etc. It will be easier to work in hours where we are alone, avoiding these distractions .

But it is not very different from an open office environment , where the colleagues get up, go for a coffee, to the bathroom, get up to discuss something, etc. At the end it is people around us who sometimes demand our attention and distract us from our task.

Knowing how to manage interruptions is necessary both in the office and at home

What is important is that the work space at home is kept orderly . It is usual to accumulate things on the table that make it more difficult to focus. The same could be said of the office table, but it usually stays more orderly, especially if we have visitors, customers who pass through the company, etc.

If we have an office, at home or in the company, the distractions are less. We are in a room, just close the door. What we can not avoid many times are interruptions, calls from clients that happen to us. In our house they may be less, but nowadays with mobile phones we do not escape either.

Working remotely is one more tool

Therefore the distractions for working at home do not have to be more than those we suffer in our office. The Telework is a tool today. We just have to learn to get the best out of it, adapt it to our routines and thanks to the flexibility that makes our lives easier.

Because at the end of it is about being able to reconcile work and personal life, so that both the company and the worker can win . There are workers who can not concentrate, find their space without anyone bothering them and interrupting.

Some prefer to go to the office to work even on weekends . They feel more comfortable in their usual environment, while the connection from home is strange. They lose time in the displacement, but they recover it with the peace of mind that they will be able to do all the work without problems.


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